GhostBed Original (Classic) Cooling Gel Memory Foam & Latex Mattress | GhostBed®

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Texan Mattress

Each Ghostbed mattress purchase includes 2 Free Ghostbed Cooling Pillows.

  • 12” height; 4 layers
  • Cooling cover
  • Designed to provide the perfect balance of contouring & responsiveness
  • Medium-firm feel and great for sleepers of all types

Sleep Better, Longer and Cooler

Our original, award-winning mattress with more than ​35,000 positive reviews 

GhostBed Comfort

The GhostBed Comfort Scale

The memory foam & latex (non-allergenic) in the GhostBed mattress provide exceptional comfort and support for every type of sleeper. The GhostBed feels soft, supportive and springy—but with minimal motion transfer. It’s the optimal balance for comfort, relieving stiffness and pain for a great night’s sleep.

GhostBed Comfort Scale

What's Inside The GhostBed?

Made with TLC so you get all the ZZZ's

The GhostBed Layers

1. Plush Cover - The smooth, soft cover is made with a stretchy, durable blend of viscose and polyester for a breathable and cozy feel.

2. Aerated Latex (non-allergenic) Foam (1.5 inches) - The small holes in this top latex (non-allergenic) layer constantly pull heat away from the body for a cooler sleep. The latex (non-allergenic) also supplies a nice, springy feel that makes bedroom activities other than sleep especially enjoyable. 😉

3. Gel Memory Foam (2 inches) - Our proprietary foam formula features larger cells than traditional memory foam. This layer helps transfer heat away from the body so you stay cool.

4. High-Density Base (7.5 inches) - Our long-lasting, high-density foam core forms the foundation of your GhostBed. It’s firm enough for good spinal alignment without creating an uncomfortably hard-feeling mattress.

You could be sleeping more comfortably in 2-5 days.

The GhostBed is 12" tall, so it’ll fit your existing frame or foundation.
Your fitted sheets won’t be a problem either.

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