GhostPillow - Shredded (2-Pack)

GhostPillow - Shredded (2-Pack)

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  • Customizable fill – Easily remove shredded fill
  • Made with a blend of CertiPUR-US® certified shredded memory foam + microfiber for the ultimate in comfort
  • Perfect for back, side and stomach sleepers
  • Designed, engineered and produced in the United States with imported materials
  • Soft breathable cover for maximum airflow

Dimensions: 18" x 24" x 6"

Sleep in comfort and support

Filled with the perfect blend of memory foam and microfiber for maximum support.

Alleviate aches and pains

GhostPillow gently cradles and contours your head, neck and shoulders.

Stay cool

Breathable cover ensures a cooler and more comfortable night’s sleep.

Dimensions: 18" x 24" x 6"

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Sleeping Style

  • Sleepers of all types (back, side and stomach) will love the medium feel of the GhostPillow Shredded.

Dimensions: 18" x 24" x 6"

120 Night Exchange and Cancellation Policy

Updated: July 13, 2023

To ensure your complete satisfaction, we offer a 120-night trial period policy, providing you with ample time to experience the mattress. We are pleased to introduce the option of a one-time exchange for a mattress of equal or greater value.

Here are the details:

- The request for an exchange of an opened mattress can be made no earlier than 101 days after delivery, and must be made no later than 120 days after delivery.

- We understand that mattresses require a breaking-in period to adapt to your comfort preferences. Therefore, we now offer the opportunity to exchange your mattress once after a 101-day break-in period, ensuring your ultimate satisfaction.

- Order cancellations can be made at any time prior to processing.

- Refunds will be issued in the form of a check. Please note that if you used an offer code for your purchase, the dollar value of the offer code will not be refunded or credited back if any or all products are returned.

- Promotional items included with your mattress purchase can be kept, returned, donated, or disposed of. The value of these promotional items will be deducted from the total value of the mattress exchange. Opened or used promotional items cannot be physically returned, but you are welcome to donate or dispose of them at your preference. Unopened promotional products can be returned.

- Unless a product exchange is requested due to a manufacturing defect or warranty claim, exchanges will be processed as your one-time exchange described herein. Once you return the product for exchange, you can place an order for the replacement product. Please note that only one exchange is allowed, and no refunds will be given for shipping fees or White Glove Service.

- To initiate an exchange request for any products purchased from us, please contact our Customer Service.

- Unopened mattresses and accessories are not eligible for return and refund after delivery.

- Products must be in a condition suitable for donation, showing only normal wear and tear as determined solely by us.

- Products must be used solely for their intended purpose, including using the product on an appropriate base, frame, or foundation. Any environmental damage, such as mold, resulting from the product's misuse in this manner will void exchange eligibility.

- Mattresses that have not been opened within 90 days of delivery are considered misused and are ineligible for warranty claims and returns.

- Products shipped outside the contiguous United States are not eligible for return.

- All mattresses purchased prior to April 6, 2021, at 06:00:00 AM EST are not eligible for immediate model exchanges, updates, or alterations. Returns of mattresses purchased prior to this date and time due to a potential manufacturing defect will be processed as usual, subject to Texan Mattress's sole discretion.

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If you require further assistance, please contact our Customer Support.

Texan mattresses are covered by an industry-leading lifetime warranty.  Mattresses covered are Dreamcloud, Nectar, Ghostbed, and The World's Best Hybrid.  Texan Mattress will replace any mattress from the original owner should it be defective due to faulty workmanship or structural defects, at our option and subject to the limitations and conditions described in this warranty.

The Lifetime Warranty Covers

    1. Any visible and lasting indentation (Body impression) greater than one (1.0) inch not associated from a sag in the foundation, box springs, or platform (mattress support); and any physical flaw in the mattress causing the material to split or crack, despite normal usage and proper handling.
    2. Texan Mattress does not prorate any warranty and will cover delivery costs of your replacement mattress.
    3. Texan mattresses are designed to be used on a firm, solid-surface, standard mattress foundation or boxspring or adjustable bed base (mattress supports). This warranty is contingent and based on tests conducted on “sets” that consist of our mattresses and acceptable mattress supports as noted above.

This lifetime warranty does not cover any normal increase or decrease in the feel or any normal decrease in the recovery feature of the comfort material, neither of which affect the performance or pressure-relieving qualities of the mattress. Nor changes in the cooling properties of the mattress which may decrease over time with use and exposure to the environment.

In order to keep the lifetime warranty valid

  1. Be the original consumer or purchaser. Coverage terminates if you sell or otherwise transfer the mattress.
  2. Have purchased the mattress from or a Texan Mattress retail location.
  3. Provide proof of purchase via copy of original store receipt reflecting proof of purchase date, place of purchase and purchase price.


The outer mattress cover is warranted for one (1) year from the date of original purchase against faults in material or workmanship. If the mattress, foundation, or cover is physically abused, damaged, soiled, burned, cut or torn, this warranty is void.

This warranty is valid only for the original purchaser of the product. An original purchaser is one who purchased the product directly from Texan Mattress.  If you are not the original purchaser of this product, you take it “as is” and “with all faults.” Proof of original purchase is required in order to be eligible to make a valid claim under this warranty.

This limited warranty provides the original mattress purchaser specific legal rights, one may enjoy additional rights based upon one’s domicile state.

Contact Texan Mattress to determine that a warranty problem exists, Texan Mattress will replace the defective product in a timely manner.

Enjoy GhostPillow's 3 layers of cool, cozy comfort

Wake up refreshed, thanks to a completely customizable inner fill

What's Inside?

1 - Ghost Ice Cover

Breathable and instantly cool to the touch, our hypoallergenic Ghost Ice cover neutralizes heat and is kind to your skin

2 - Premium Inner Fill

Memory foam, visco and microfiber cluster blend fill for cooling and contouring support

3 - Customizable Memory Foam

Easily add or remove your pillow's fill to find the perfect balance for you

Created with YOU in Mind

At GhostBed/Nature's Sleep, we have been selling pillows since 2001. Ever since our founder, Marc Werner, was unable to find a comfortable pillow and mattress to support his neck and back, he decided to invent his own. Almost two decades later and with LOTS of customer feedback to guide us, we set out to create a unique line of pillows to satisfy every sleeper.

Our newest pillow is the GhostPillow Shredded, designed for complete customization. Can't quite find the right pillow for you? Now you can add or remove fill to find the perfect balance of softness or firmness—and continue adjusting as your needs change.

Wake Up Refreshed!

Did you know that your head weighs around 10 to 11 pounds? If you're waking up with a stiff neck, it's no wonder—that heavy head of yours needs support!

To make matters more confusing, the right level of support varies depending on your sleeping style. And don't even get us started on pillows that retain heat, leaving your head and neck drenched in sweat.

But don't worry — GhostPillow's got your back (and your side and stomach).

Adjustable Comfort for the Ultimate Sleep Experience

No more tossing and turning. No more pillows that are too fat or too flat. The GhostPillow Shredded can be adjusted so it's just right, no matter how you sleep.

GhostPillow Shredded Features

Yes Ghost Ice cover stays cool and won't retain heat

Yes Perfect blend of gel memory foam, visco foam and microfiber clusters for maximum support and comfort

Yes Adjustable fill naturally contours to your head, neck and shoulders for perfect

Yes Free Shipping

Yes 101 - Night Sleep Trial

Yes 5-Year Warranty

Try Texan Mattress for 120 Nights

In a mattress store, you get 5 minutes. With Texan Mattress, you get 120 nights in the comfort of your own home. If you don’t love your Texan Mattress mattress, we’ll send a exchange it and donate it to a local charity.*

Pay Monthly. Sleep Deep.

We've partnered with Synchrony to offer monthly payments for as low as 0% APR and up to 60 months payment plans.

Protection Against Accidents

Drops, spills, scratches, and fluids—life happens. We’re here with comprehensive coverage that protects your mattress for the long haul.

Customer Reviews

Questions? See Our FAQ Here.

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All 3 pillows feature our proprietary cooling technology, so you can sleep longer and wake up completely refreshed! Beyond that, selecting your perfect GhostPillow is as easy as thinking about what kind of firmness you prefer in a pillow.

The GhostPillow Faux Down is our plushest option, thanks to the luxurious faux down and microfiber gel fill. If you love a huggable, squeezable pillow, the Faux Down is for you!

If you like a firmer pillow, we recommend the GhostPillow Gel Memory Foam. Engineered to keep your head and neck supported, the gel memory foam in this pillow keeps it from collapsing overnight, and the cushy outside means you'll never have to fluff it. The GhostPillow Gel Memory Foam is also the coolest option, thanks to its cool-to-the-touch Ghost Ice exterior cover, inner aerated mesh cover and aerated gel memory foam core.

Finally, the GhostBed Shredded works for all sleeping styles. With its blend of memory foam and microfiber, you'll get maximum support as well as comfort, as it naturally contours to your head, neck and shoulders. This pillow also works for all sleeping styles because it's fully customizable. With its easy-to-use zippered inner cover, you can add and remove the shredded memory foam fill to choose the feel and support you love.

The GhostPillow Shredded is filled with the perfect blend of memory foam and microfiber for maximum support. Plus, you can customize it to the exact firmness you like by removing or adding fill. The pillow caresses and gently cradles and contours your head, neck and shoulders, while the Ghost Ice cover neutralizes heat and keeps you cool.

The GhostPillow - Shredded comes in one size: Standard (18" x 24").

The lightweight cover is made from 100% Ghost Ice fabric. It is cool, soft and breathable for maximum air flow and can be removed and spot cleaned.

The GhostPillow Shredded Memory Foam is designed, engineered & produced in the United States with imported materials. The GhostPillow Shredded is filled with the perfect blend of memory foam and microfiber for maximum support. The lightweight cover is made with our Ghost Ice Fabric which is imported from Asia. All the materials are weaved together in our United States facility to create the perfect pillow that gently cradles and contours your head, neck and shoulders.

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