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Apply now for low or no credit option.

Nobody should have to leave a store empty handed because of bad credit or the inability to pay upfront. Acima Leasing provides a unique NO CREDIT OPTION lease purchase option.

  • If you've never financed or leased before Acima's no credit lease option is a great way to obtain the mattress you want
  • Make monthly payments that fit your budget while you enjoy your furniture.
  • Acima is credit neutral. If you've never financed before, Acima provides no-hassle no credit lease option is a great way to obtain the mattress you want.
  • Please note: you can apply and get approved online. To make purchases, Acima Leasing is only accepted in-store and not currently accepted with online purchases.


The advertised service is a rental- or lease-purchase agreement provided by Acima Leasing, LLC, or its affiliates. Acquiring ownership by leasing costs more than retailer's cash price. It is not a loan, credit or financing. While no credit history is required, Acima obtains information from consumer reporting agencies in connection with lease application. 90-day purchase option includes a markup over invoice price(except for 3-month purchase option in CA). After 90 days, early purchase options vary by state. Leasing available on select items. Not available in MN, NJ, VT, WI. Merchant participating locations only. Not all applicants are approved. See lease for details