Buying a Luxury Hybrid Mattress

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A hybrid is anything that combines the qualities or characteristics of two things. A hybrid apple, for example, combines two different varieties of apples. A hybrid car combines electric power and internal combustion. And a hybrid mattress? Yep, it combines the attributes of a traditional innerspring mattress and a memory foam mattress. This type of bed aims to provide the perfect combination of luxurious comfort and support. This doesn't mean that it is the perfect mattress for everyone, but it should at least be considered if you're in the market for a new one. Read on to learn about the qualities of a hybrid mattress that make it unique — it may be the right mattress for you!


Pocketed Coils

Coils are a great means of support for spinal alignment and lumbar. They offer a firmer level of support than other mattresses, making them ideal for different sleepers. Additionally, the pocketed coil version of an innerspring mattress reduces motion transfer, allowing you to get a better night's sleep, even if you share a bed.

Memory Foam Layer

The biggest benefit of a memory foam mattress is included in the hybrid variety. The layers of memory foam sit on top of the coils offering a comfortable and refreshing surface free of uncomfortable pressure points. Your body sinks into the memory foam as it conforms to your unique shape and sleeping position.

Gel Infusion

The one major downside of memory foam has always been heating retention. The same properties that allow it to mould to your shape encourage it to hold onto body heat. This is corrected by infusing cooling gel into the memory foam. The gel diffuses the heat and provides a much more comfortable sleeping surface. Hybrid mattresses often have cooling gel infused into the memory foam so that you get all the major benefits of memory foam without the downside of heat retention.

Best Candidates For A Hybrid Mattress

A luxury hybrid mattress can be a great choice for any sleeper as long as you like the squishy feeling. They offer enough support for side and back sleepers and enough give for stomach sleepers. Hybrid mattresses combine the bounciness of innerspring with the melt-into-it feel of memory foam and the temperature regulation of gel. This winning combination is the reason hybrid mattresses have the highest satisfaction scores and are the fastest-growing segment for mattresses.

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